Another Amazing Save


Open, 16º at 7am and cloudy. The forecast is for a high of 25º and partly cloudy. Skiing today on the Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Turkey, Goshawk and Peregrine, 10k.

Grouse on the Grouse. 12/30/18 the snow is grinding up nicely.

Ian started this morning at 4am in the Ranger pulling the Ginzu. Chuck went out at 6am on the snow mobile pulling the powder maker. AND they have ground up the snow given us a loose frozen granular base.

Meeting of the groomers, planning the next step, 12/30/18.

Good/Ok/Great skiing depending on your perspective and your ability. The snow is very skiable. That being said it is faster.

One way to move snow, 12/29/18.

The snow farmers went out yesterday afternoon. 12 shovelers moving the snow to fill in low spots or really frozen spots. Ian said it worked great and the coverage is good out there.

And they shoveled………

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