A Great Day For A Beautiful Ski


Fresh tracks. Photo taken 1/4/2019.

Open, 14º at 7am, 7.8 inches of new snow, and partly cloudy, pink skies. The forecast high 16º with snow showers. The skiing is great. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey, Grouse, Goshawk and Peregrine open at 9am. Chickadee opening later this morning. Then working on the Middle and Upper Blue Jay. (42.2 inches of snow in January.)

Time to pay attention to the ice on the brooks. Between the cold, rain, cold, warm, cold, the show gets better and more interesting. Down along the Woodcock, Snow Goose, Styles Brook is beautiful. The little brooks that meander along the trails are also quite interesting. The water rose and fell during the rain, left a mess, but also left some really interesting, beautiful spots behind.

Ice on the brooks, putting on a show. Photo credit, Jane MacKugler. 1/29/2019

From Mary Oliver,  “Instructions for living a life.   Pay attention.   Be astonished.   Tell about it.”

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