6 inches of snow overnight. Condensed down to a wet, soggy 4 inches. Good base snow.


The snow fell overnight. Chuck measured six inches at 3 am when the town plow truck came in the new 8 month old puppy barked. By 6 am after turning to freezing rain/rain the snow pack was down to 4.5 inches.

This morning the snow is wet and heavy. The ground is covered and if it weren’t rain/freezing rain we would say it is a lovely morning out there. But…….

This snow is good for a couple reasons. Knowing snow was coming we did a final push to get ready. Putting the random things away we didn’t want to find in the spring. Put the plow on the tractor. Put the mower away. Ian put more corduroy up on the Grouse and finished fixing a spot on the Woodcock.

This snow, if it stays, would be really, really good base. We need it not to melt and to freeze into all the nooks and crannies.

And this snow reminds everyone it really is time to buy your season pass.

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