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Feb 16 2018


C and the Flash (photo doesn’t exactly reflect current conditions)

Open, 38º at 7am, with the temperatures dropping all day with a low of 5º tonight. Looks like most of the day we will be at 35º with snow flakes in the forecast for this afternoon. It got pretty warm yesterday, and didn’t freeze overnight. Please check in during the day to day to see if anything has changed.

22km open. Wet, corn snow base. No grooming today. With the temp falling all day, it will get faster and firmer. Again, check in during the day to see if there are any changes. I am hoping The Thunder Bolt Kid can save us from this weather. ... 

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Feb 15 2018

Spring Skiing

Open, 22km double tracked, 32º at 7am. Forecast high 45º and cloudy. (The picture above is Mary a couple years ago. I like the picture, it makes me smile.)

Good spring skiing. The snow has “corned up” and the skiing is really good. Corn snow is snow with a rough granular surface resulting from alternate thawing and freezing. ... 

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Feb 14 2018

Yoga Updates

Tracy and Jesse Diggins

Updated schedule:

Feb 16th Friday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff 9-10:30am Flow
Feb 17th Saturday no class
Feb 18th Sunday no class
Feb 19th Monday no class
Feb 20th Tuesday 7:30-8:30 Sore & Stiff 5:30-6:45 Flow
Feb 21st Wednesday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff 9-10:30am Flow
Feb 22nd Thusday no class
Feb 23rd Friday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff 9-10:30am Flow

This is a picture of Jesse and me after the Fast and Female yoga session at Stratton Mountain School a few years back. It was really fun. I hope I get asked to help again some time.

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Feb 14 2018

Nice Spring Skiing

Nice tracks in the field from Feb. 13.

Open, 18º at 7am. Forecast high 40º.

Good spring skiing on 22 km.  The tracks are in and the skiing is noice. 

I am not a Vermonter, but I can spell “noice” like the best of them, by-jeezum. We did not ski on Monday, letting the rain soaked snow dry out and it worked. Tuesday morning it groomed out nicely. The skiing yesterday was good, and today will be just as good, getting softer as the temperature goes up. Give yourself time to ski a couple of hours, it will be worth it. ... 

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Feb 13 2018

Lots of Happy Skiers Today

Nice tracks in the old field from Feb. 13, (today!!)

Open on Wednesday with good skiing (check it out in the picture). Low of 17º tonight, the temperature is forecast to be 40º tomorrow. Ian groomed 22km this morning and the skiing is good. The tracks are really nice. Some nice spring skiing coming up!

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Feb 13 2018

We Are Open

Nice tracks.

Open, 8º at 7am, forecast high 26º

22k open. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and Chickadee all ready to go. Still working on Goshawk and Upper and Middle Blue Jay. 

Check in when you arrive for more details.  The skiing is good, ground up frozen granular. The tracks are beautiful.

Ian started this morning early. He was grooming by the time I looked out at 3:20am. And right now he is taking a coffee break to watch the sprint finals. He will be back in the groomer as soon as the sprints are done. Hopefully the USA will have a medal. It is amazing that we can even have that expectation. Keeping it short so I can watch. ... 

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Feb 12 2018

Not Today, But, We Will Be Open Tomorrow.

My favorite spot.

Closed 31º at 7am. The temperature dropping all day with a low tonight of 4º.

The roller coaster of temperatures and weather this year. I don’t have to tell you. Too warm, too cold, too snowy, too rainy, too sandy, too icy. Just tooooooooo………Time to get out your ice cleats again. Martha told Chuck yesterday, she doesn’t take anymore chances, she wears them. If in doubt, put them on. (mine are on my shoes) ... 

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