We Love Good Skiing On Winter Days



Photo taken 1/4/2019. Skiing is the same today, minus the blue sky.

Open, 0º at 6:30 am and clear skies. Forecast high 23º and sunny.

The skiing is good. Ian has been out in the snow cat again today. All trails open, 25 km classic and 6 km skate.

Skiing for the next few days is looking good. With Saturday and Sunday being a little bit warmer. We are headed toward spring. Warmer days and colder nights means you need to pay attention. When it is warmer and the snow softens, it can happen just from the sun hitting the snow, the skiing is slower and more forgiving. Then the sun goes down and the snow hardens back up and becomes quicker or just fast.

Warm soft snow = slower.  Cold hard snow = can be faster.  When this happen the slowest skiing is from 11:30 ish to 2:30 ish. If you aren’t sure ask.


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