Yoga Schedule Week of March 17

 Surrender and the breath. That is it. Show up, surrender and breathe.

Saturday yoga the 17th and the 24th of March, 8:30-9:30am.

  • Monday 9-10:30am flow
  • Monday 5:30-6:45pm slow flow
  • Tuesday 7:30-8:30am sore and stiff
  • Wednesday 7:30-8:30am sore and stiff
  • Wednesday 9-10:30am flow/restorative
  • Friday 7:30-8:30am sore and stiff
  • Friday 9-10:30am flow
  • Saturday 8:30-9:30am slow flow
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    Skiing Does Not Get Any Better Than This!

    The tracks on a March 16, 2018.

    Open, 20º another 4.2 inches of snow. 32 inches of snow at the stake. Forecast, flurries and 23º.  The skiing really doesn’t get any better than this! This is and will be perfect skiing. Forgiving and easy to ski on.

    Ian spent the last 3 days packing and dragging the small groomer. He is out today in the Ranger (new machine) pulling the ginzu (new groomer). And the ginzu puts in a really nice double track.  ... 

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    New Snow, Great Skiing! Best Skiing of the Year Thru the Weekend!

    The kids had fun in the snow.

    Open, 23º at 7am. Expected high 30º. 10.4 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.

    • 19 inches of snow in the last 48 hours.
    • Last weeks storm, 24 inches of snow.
    • 42 inches of snow in the last 8 days.
    • 50.5 inches of snow in March.
    • And a whopping 150 inches on the season.

    I think we can call this an old fashioned winter. The skiing is wonderful, fabulous and quiet and peaceful. Ian has been grooming like crazy and the tracks are amazing.

    The picture above is of kids in the Bill Koch ski program. They ski here on Wednesdays, and they enjoyed the new snow.  ... 

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    The Skiing Continues To Be Amazing Right Thru The Weekend!

    Open, 25º. Forecast high 30º. And still snowing. 5 inches during the day yesterday. 3 more overnight and another 3-6 inches expected today.

    Skiing is always more fun in the snow. Goggles or glasses help! Skiing is and will be phenomenal! The weekend will be stupendous! 

    Ian was in the groomer, the new Ranger pulling the old Tidd Tech groomer, yesterday for about 8 hours. He was around many trails twice and all at least once.  ... 

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    A Little More Snow

    Ian making a fun course. Up and the snow bank.

    Open, 25º at 7am. Forecast high 27º. Snow fall total overnight 2″. Expected snow fall, Tuesday 5-8″, Tuesday night 1-3″, Wednesday 5-8″, Wednesday night 1-3″.

    The skiing will be great! Fabulous snowy skiing. The woods will be quiet and still. Ian will pack off and on during the storm. Mid-winter snowy ski conditions. We won’t have perfects “tracks” again until, best guess, Thursday. Just too much snow to keep the tracks in. We haven’t had this problem for a while. ... 

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    Skiing With Friends.

    Out for a ski.

    Open, 24º at 7am. Forecast high 34º. Sunny this morning, clouds moving in. Snow starting overnight and continuing into Wednesday, forecast 6-8 or 8-12 inches.

    March weather is here. And it has been fun. Snow and good skiing. More snow more good skiing. A day or 2 of boiling maple syrup. A really great start to March.

    Martha not only saw the mink slides and the otter slides. Martha saw the mink. They each stopped for a stare down. He held still long enough for Martha to think get out the camera, but not long enough to get the camera and take the picture.  ... 

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    The Skiing is SO GOOD!!!!!

    Ian, as groomer, catches more great shots in the early morning light.

    Open, 23º at 7am. The forecast high 32º. Partly cloudy.

    All trails open and the skiing is fantastic!!!

  • Don’t overdress. Fewer, thinner, layers.
  • Bring your Maxiglide or buy some here. Put it on once you get here. (Experience speaking.)
  • Ski at your ability level. Skiing on harder trails, with the plan to walk down the hills is a really bad plan. It wrecks the tracks Ian worked so hard to make and makes the skiing for everyone behind you, all day, awkward and more difficult. SO, do not walk in the trail.
  • When you ski  with in your ability level the skiing is safer and more fun.
  • Pay attention to the snow beside the trails. The animals will be moving and you should be able to see some good animal tracks. There was a mink slide spotted on the Blue Jay at the “Junction” a week ago, watch for it.
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