Perfect Tracks Cause Stress!

I was the first to get to ski up the Blue Jay. I did not want to be the first to herringbone and wreck the tracks.  And anyone who has skied up the hill behind the barn know it gets pretty darn steep. It was a super hard arm work out.

Ian gets a ski, after grooming and before heading out to take the Burr and Burton ski team to a race. He is a very happy camper with the way the new groomer is working, the tracks are great and the corduroy is pretty. A very happy camper!!!!  ... 

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Careful What You Wish For (edited 8:36am)

Lots of Snow

Open, 14º at 8:30am, with an expected high of 18º. And the skiing is fine.

8.5 inches of snow. Not as much snow as forecast, but it is plenty.  Ian was in the snow cat grooming yesterday from 10:00am until 9:00pm last night. He was back out there this morning before 5am. I agree that seems a little crazy, but the snow hardens up overnight and settles, maybe today is easier grooming.   ... 

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Yoga Schedule in February

Yoga on Saturday, February 10th and 24th, 8:30-9:30am                                                                                                              (no yoga the Saturday the 17th or Monday the 19th) ... 

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Red Sky in Morning…..

Skiing on the Chickadee and chatting with a friend.

Open, 9º at 7am. Forecast high 21º.

The sunrise was quite a show. 6:25am, a nice red/purple glow. Fading away. Recheck at 6:50, a orangish/red, rising into pink. I am so grateful to witness the sunrises. And I don’t like to get out of bed. I really am only up to get down and start the fire for the 7:30am yoga class. So thank you early yogis. I see sunrises I would otherwise miss. ... 

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And the Chickadee is Open.

Skiing this good show be illegal!

Open. 10º at 6:30am. Forecast high 23º. The snow is wonderful. The skiing is fabulous. Figure out a way to get here and ski!

Ian has groomed and put a single track in the Chickadee, Loon, and Middle and Upper Blue Jay. These are open, a little bumpy and humpy and wonderfully fun, great skiing.

He groomed late last night, the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Lower Blue Jay. Double track put in by the new rig. Like skiing on silk. (He groomed yesterday from 5am to 7:30pm.) ... 

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13.1″ of New Snow (edited at 10:50am)

Open 27º at 10:50am and dropping all day 5º for an overnight low. 13.1 inches of new snow! We stayed all snow!

The skiing is really good and will just get better! And for today a work in progress. Everything is going well.

Ian has a track in all the lower trails. Chuck used the snow machine to pack the Middle and Upper Blue Jay, and the Chickadee. You can ski those as is. Chuck and Ian will continue to work on the trails. I know they want a track in all the trails by the end of the day. The tracks then will set up overnight (with the colder temperatures) and the tracks tomorrow will be firm and hard, vs today, they tracks are a little softer and slower. ... 

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A Dusting of Snow Overnight. An inch of snow by 9am, updated post.

Open, 14º at 7am. Forecast high 32º This post updated at 9am.

Ian is out in the new rig. What a rig it is.  Look at that track! It is snowing and the skiing is great. Great day to break out the goggles or clear lens glasses. We haven’t had a snowy day like this in a while. It is fun. The forecast Chuck is quoting was up to an inch an hour this afternoon. Woohoo! ... 

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