Open And Skiing (Low Trails)


Another beautiful sunrise! 2/2/2019

Open, 12º and cloudy. The wind blew during the night, but seems to be dying down. The sun will come out tomorrow, and later this afternoon.

A day in the life of a groomer, Ian is out there driving around, and around beating this stuff up. He started about 4am, will someone please bring him a breakfast sandwich!  The plan is to have about 12km open, including 5km for skate. As long as the grooming goes well, please check in when you get here for details. Lots of warm and rain completely transformed the snow, it will be very fast, but skiable! We still have 7-12” of packed snow on the lower trails.

Ian will drive around the upper trails later this weekend, to assess the damage and make a plan for the next round of snow, forecast for Tuesday/Tuesday night. We are hoping they will be open again by Wednesday/Thursday.

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