One more spring day. Fast and not great this morning. Slow and mushy this afternoon.


Open, 32º at 7 am and the sun is coming up to clear sky. The forecast high today is 55º, and clouding up late in the day.

The Turkey, Grouse and Peregrine are open.

Right this minute the snow is hard and fast and frozen the way the mush left it yesterday. There is enough snow to ski on, but not enough to groom. Dirt and leaves are starting to come through. There is enough snow you can ski around, according to Herb and Kathy. They skied between 3:30 and 5 on Wednesday afternoon. And said Peregrine is your best bet for better coverage with Turkey and Grouse being ok.

Timing is everything. Yesterday the snow did not soften until around noon. Folks came to ski about 11:30 and the snow was still hard, frozen, fast. By 12:30 the snow was soft and mushy and a spring ski.

My best guess on timing; aim for later this morning, around 10:45 But that is all it is. A guess. Tuesday the snow was soft at 10 am and the temperature was 40º. Wednesday the snow didn’t soften until noonish, and the temperature was 45º.

A photo from this morning.

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