Oh, What a Day!!!!


Another beautiful sunrise! 2/2/2019

Open, -1º at 7am, and sunny. Forecast high 24º. The skiing is amazing. 10 inches of new snow this week, all packed out and ready to ski. Really, really great skiing!

The Chickadee will be beautiful today. Loon is still closed, a flooded spot. Waite’s Place Loop is better than ever! Upper and Middle Blue Jay are really nice. On the Woodcock and Snow Goose the skiing is great, watch the brook for the ice. The ice has been putting on a show. Turkey and Peregrine are the two trails groomed for skating. Peregrine is a fun, fun loop, if you aren’t crazy about some of the downhills, watch, Ian has put in shortcuts. Look for more difficult or easier signs. And he also put in some short cuts if you need to head back down. Get out your gear and enjoy the fabulous skiing.

Many, many happy skiers yesterday.

Oh, those happy, happy kids. Up and down the hill, over and over.

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