Nice New Tracks


Some nice tracks went in this morning. 3/11/2019

Open, 27º and cloudy. 3 inches of new snow total, with a little wintry mix in there too. Ian is out grooming the low trails and Chickadee – about 18 km. Ian or I will update this report as we know more.  The tracks are beautiful!

The weather isn’t bluebird sky, but the skiing is good, really good. The high temperature today, 31º-32º, and cloudy. It is a great day to be outside. (Everyday is a great day to be outside, almost.)

Time to get ready for sugaring. Which means moving some stuff around. The plow to the old PistenBully is in the way. And the evaporator needs to be put back together. The sap holding tank needs to go up high again and the tubing hung. Etc. The circle just keeps going.


Two cuties enjoying the sun on Saturday, 3/9/2019.

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