Great spring skiing.


Open, 30º at 7 am and cloudy. Forecast high 39º becoming sunny.

Trails are being groomed as I type. The skiing is really nice spring skiing. All trails are open, about 17 km freshly groomed. Ian groomed Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk, and Upper Peregrine. Jonathan groomed Chickadee and said it is in really nice shape with a track. He also reported Middle and Upper Blue Jay are looking good, but have not been re-groomed this morning. There are a few folks still wanting to ski every trail. This would be a great day for it. Just the right amount of warm.

And a fresh shot from today of the track at the beginning of Woodcock and Turkey. (You should see the photo albums on my phone and computer! Who knew anyone could or would take so many photos of groomed ski trails?)

looking good 3/28/2023

The life of the groomer that rides on the snow machine;

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