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A Little Like Eeyore

We are CLOSED today. 🙁

30º at 7:00am.
Forecast high 42º.

Today is quite gloomy. It is icing and freezing and yucky! There is still snow on the ground, and a lot of rain coming. If we don’t loose too much snow, the next step, let the snow refreeze and grind up what’s left. Ian said on Sunday when he groomed...   read more

Ski Today!!!

28º at 7:00am.
Forecast high 34º.

The 11km that are open are really ok. Ian groomed yesterday.
We had 80 plus ski racers. The kids in the picture above had to ski a shortened Turkey. I was told after the race, the Turkey is really long when you are trying to ski your fastest.
Ski today. Tuesday’s...   read more

Another Sunday Morning!

The Piston Bully

The Piston Bully

27º at 7:00am.
Forecast high 34º.

The 11km that are open are great. Ian is out in the snow cat grinding up the snow up and putting a track in. Woo-hoo. Ski today. Tuesday’s forecast is for rain, if the forecast is correct, we will be closed. And then we will have to reassess after the snow refreezes.

We do have...   read more

A warmer day, a beautiful ski!

Ellen peace
Ellen peace

30º at 7:00am.

Forecast high 38º.

The 11km that are open are great. The 6+ inches of new snow Tues. night/Wednesday was fabulous, but not enough on top of the other hard snow to get the longer, harder, bumpier trails open.

We went to bed last night the temperature was 20º and it went up over night to 30º. The wind...   read more

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