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Below is a list of the Wild Wings daily skiing news blog with the most recent posts at the top.

Are You Ready For Some Skiing?

Oh those tracks! Gotta ski! 2/2/2019

Open, 19º at 7am and cloudy. The forecast is for 35º and overcast. The skiing is great!

Everything is open, but the Loon. The Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, the Grouse, Goshawk, and Peregrine, and the Chickadee/Waite’s Place Loop and the Upper and Middle Blue Jay.

The skiing is wonderful! Fabulous and great!

Isabel...   read more

Oh, What a Day!!!!

Another beautiful sunrise! 2/2/2019

Open, -1º at 7am, and sunny. Forecast high 24º. The skiing is amazing. 10 inches of new snow this week, all packed out and ready to ski. Really, really great skiing!

The Chickadee will be beautiful today. Loon is still closed, a flooded spot. Waite’s Place Loop is better than ever! Upper and Middle Blue Jay are...   read more

More Great Skiing


Open, -4º at 7am and clear skies. Expected high today 12º, and mostly sunny. 24 km classic skiing and 4.5 km skate. Really nice skiing! Great snow and warmer temperatures.

Yesterday we had a few hardy souls skiing. They stayed warm, skiing around the Chickadee seems to warm people right up.

Ian was out yesterday morning,...   read more

A Cold, Fabulous Day For A Ski!

From our friend George Forbes. 1/31/2019

Open, -9º at 7am, partly cloudy. Expected high 5º. The skiing is great. Ian groomed everything yesterday, and is out grooming everything again today. (Exception, no Loon.)  New favorite this year, Waite’s Place Loop. The picture below is on Chickadee. There were a few new Chickadee skiers yesterday, their lucky...   read more

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