Mar 05 2018

A Little New Snow

Jonathon is ready to ski another day!

Open, 25º at 7am. Forecast high 34º.

Skiing today will be good. A little new snow in the tracks to slow it down and away we go. Yesterday Ian groomed, the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse Goshawk and Lower Blue Jay.  With the new snow this morning in the tracks skiing is better if he leaves it alone.

Ian and Chuck boiled in the sugar house again yesterday. We are up to 14 gallons of syrup, the most we have made on this size evaporator in a year was 60 gallons. And yesterday’s syrup seemed particularly tasty. Don’t know how or why that happens, but we’ll take it. A little surprise sap run on Saturday, Ian gathered and they boiled it down on Sunday. Ask Ian about the 3/16ths tubing lines we are running, it is an interesting conversation. I am inclined to believe sugar makers are the mothers of invention. ... 

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Mar 04 2018

Spring Skiing

Always a great place to be.

Open, 28º at 7am. Forecast high 32º. 

We have and are experiencing an extended number of spring skiing days in a row. The definition of spring skiing is, fast early or late in the day, faster in the shade, slower in the sun, and nothing you can’t ski over or around. Corn snow, snow that has been thawed, frozen, thawed frozen.  ... 

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Mar 03 2018

Good Skiing Today!

Hooray for a great ski day.

Open,  26º at 7am. Forecast high 35º. New snow, 7.5 inches.

Ian is out grooming. And the skiing will be really good. The snow fell pretty darn wet, but dried out nicely overnight. Ian is grooming the Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse, Goshawk and Lower Blue Jay first. Then will get  to the Upper and Middle Blue Jay. The Chickadee is just too darn wet. (Those wet spots are  part of our summer trail work plan!) AND remember your Maxiglide. (We do have some here for sale). It is needed on waxless skis with new snow around freezing.  ... 

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Mar 02 2018

March Comes In Like a Lion

Nice, new tracks today.

Open, 30º at 7am. Forecast high 35º. And it is snowing outside.

Heavy, wet, thick snow. 4 inches so far. Ian is grooming this morning. He will groom the “lower” 10 km for today. You can ski the rest, as back country skiing. It will just be more work. This is the kind of snow waxless skis are made for, and you need to “treat” those waxless skis. We use Maxiglide. There are a couple of other products out there. Once I didn’t have Maxiglide and needed it and thought hand lotion or lip balm probably would have worked. What about olive oil if you have nothing else. Chuck thinks all my other Yankee options are a joke. But…. ... 

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Mar 01 2018

Another Spring Ski Day, and Then March Comes In Like a Lion

Ben having fun, flying thru the air!

Open, 37º at 7am. Forecast high 44º. And snow in the forecast for Friday. 

Skiing today is, again, spring skiing at it’s finest. Nothing out there you can’t ski over or around. Sounds like there will less sun this morning, and a little more sun this afternoon.

And the forecast, so far for us, unless the storm moves some other way, is 4-8 inches of snow according the National Weather Service Winter Storm Watch, with localized amounts up to 10 inches are possible. Another round of snow, another weeks worth of skiing. So goes the year. ... 

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Feb 28 2018

Spring Skiing at It’s Best

Three of the young fellas from Tuesday’s JISP program.

Nothing you can’t ski over or around.

Open, 32º at 7am. Forecast high 50º. Faster in the morning. Faster in the shade, slower in the sun and later in the morning.

The track of the Thursday/Friday storm, at this moment, is farther south. The total snow forecast, right this moment, is 1-4 inches, as close as I can guess. (I was going to say figure, but really it is guess.) ... 

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Feb 27 2018

Yoga Schedule as of March 1

Warrior 3 is better with friends.

Yoga this Saturday, March 3rd and March 10th, 8:30-9:30am. 

Monday 9-10:30am Flow 5:30-6:45pm Flow
Tuesday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff
Wednesday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff 9-10:30am Flow
Friday 7:30-8:30am Sore & Stiff 9-10:30am Flow
Saturday 8:30-9:30am Flow

Yoga is a great way to move your body and calm your mind. Movement is important to continued good health. Keep moving!!

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