Groomer to Groomer


I love that run on Upper Jay! The tracks are in the perfect place. Thank you Ian! I was once a groomer and I want to point out that setting track with the Tidd Tech is a very deliberate affair. If you want to stop setting track for a downhill section, you stop the snowmobile, get off, go back to the groomer and flip the track pan up so it piggybacks on the groomer, get back on the snowmobile and smooth out the hill until you want tracks again, stop, flip the track pan back on the snow, get back on, set track until the hill gets steep again, stop, get off and so on and so on. My point is, it would be much easier to set track right through minor hills or skip setting track in short sections that flatten out but Ian doesn’t. He sets them where they need to be and never where they’d get in the way of your downhill run. You can see how one-way trails make determining where to set track and where not to a lot easier and without having to compromise one direction or the other. Thank you Wild Wings for really having your act together. It makes every inch of trail more fun!

by Cliff Dutton
March 23, 2018

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