Cold day, warm day, sunny,


Cold day, warm day, sunny, snowy, or rainy day . . . any day at Wild Wings is a (very) good day!

I love the peace, the quiet, and the beauty of the trails–there is always a surprise waiting to be glimpsed.

While on Upper Blue Jay, it is not uncommon for the line, “Oh, earth, you are too wonderful . . .” (from Our Town, that was, coincidentally, spoken on the stage in Peru by our own dear Tracy in the role of Emily!) to come to mind.

As if that is not enough, Ian does an amazing job grooming–so thoroughly and thoughtfully. You can tell that he knows what to do and he cares!!

Thanks, Wild Wings! What a winter and spring! Hmm, can I get a loop in today?! 🙂

by Martha Robertson
March 30, 2018

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