A Great Day For A Ski

10 km Open. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey and Grouse. And Peregrine!

-1 at 7am. Expected high 20º, and sunny.

Ian groomed yesterday trying to scrape and smooth out the little ups and downs on the trails. It helps. Less snow does means you feel the little bumps and humps more. All the shoveling and bough Chuck, Dick...   read more

A Little New Snow and A Lot of Shoveling=Open

Open. 10 km. Turkey, Woodcock, Snow Goose, Grouse and Peregrine.

22º at 7am. 2 inches of snow overnight after a dusting of snow yesterday morning.

Ian, Dick and Chuck spent the day yesterday cutting and hauling balsam branches to wet spots on the Woodcock and Snow Goose. They then shoveled snow on top, and the...   read more

Yoga Schedule December 8th through December 15th (Schedule at the bottom)

My 7.5 year old granddaughter told her mom last week. She is softer when she is tired. And it is harder not to cry. So she cries more when she is too tired. Don’t we all.

So think about that a minute. After Gretchen’s wedding I was so tired all I could do was cry. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t mad....   read more

Around and Around We Go

Closed, ( but, season pass holders may ski.) One of the benefits to having a pass. The plan is to be open for everyone this weekend.

15º at 7am. Expected high today, 27º. And possibly a few flurries this afternoon. Every flake helps.

Ian went around the Peregrine and Turkey yesterday with the snow cat. There is...   read more

Limited Skiing, Season Pass Holders

Open for season pass holder.

13º at 7 am. Expected high today 25º.

The skiing is skiing. Yesterday one season pass person came out and skied the Woodcock, Snow Goose. He said, ‘Thank you for being open for allowing me to come ski.” He added, “There are wet spots.” I also skied the Woodcock,...   read more

Open, Season Pass Holders

Open for season pass holders

24º at 7am. It snowed a little over night and stuck to the wet snow. Should be ok. Watch for tree debris and wet spots. 

Stay on the low trails. Woodcock, Snow Goose, Turkey. No tracks or grooming right away. We will be working to fix wet areas and then we will start grooming.

Ruth...   read more

Waiting For The Cold Air To Return


39º at 7am.  This is the high for today. The temperature is suppose to drop all day with a low tonight of 20º. The snow will need to dry out and freeze up before we can start to work with it to get skiing again.

We had a mix of weather yesterday. Sleet, ice, freezing rain and rain. There was some lightening...   read more