A New Groomer!

The side X side is here. A Polaris Ranger 900 with tracks.

Chuck and Ian have been wanting this for a while. Chuck tells me I can drive it instead of my beloved 4 wheeler and it won’t hurt my hip. I love my 4 wheeler, I hope he isn’t right.

We also have a new groomer coming. This new piece of equipment is what you pull behind the Polaris. A  Yellowstone Track Systems groomer called a ginzu. ... 

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And it’s Snowing!


23º at  7:45am. Forecast high 33º. And snowing. A 1/2 inch of new snow. The NOAA snow prediction for us for today is 1 -3″ inches. Of course we are pulling for the 3″.

The skiing will be really nice. Keep it in perspective. If you skied at the end of Dec. first of Jan. in all the fabulous powder snow. This isn’t that. But the new snow will slow the skiing right down. Still not enough snow for a track, but this is a start. Yesterday, Wednesday we had 30 Stratton Mountain kids and 2 coaches, 6 touring skiers, 30 little club skiers, and 20 Burr and Burton skiers. They all had a really good time and a great ski. ... 

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Snowflakes in the forecast


5º at 7am. Forecast high 23º.

There are snowflakes in the forecast. Doesn’t take much too make me happy! We are wishing for snow. Chuck’s mom always said, “If wishes were fishes” (I googled the rest) we’d all have a fry we’d eat and we’d eat until we would die. Or, the other version, a little more optimistic,  If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets... 

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Wishing for snow, I would take a flake or two.

Skiing the Lower Blue Jay

Open. 21º at 7am.

Ian is driving around and around. The snow we have is ground up and fast. Yesterday Eddie and Ro skied the Woodcock/Snow Goose, their everyday ski. We had two people, never on skis before, ski for 4 hours. They  skied 2 Turkeys, 2 Woodcocks, and 1 Snow Goose. They loved it and hoped to come back today. And 2 people snow shoed the Goshawk and Middle Blue Jay. They were very happy and tired. ... 

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Yoga for the last week of January

Yoga on Saturday, February 3rd, 8:30-9:30am

Monday 9:00-10:30am flow 5:30-6:45pm slow flow
Tuesday 7:30-8:30am stiff and sore
Wednesday 7:30-8:30am stiff and sore 9:10:30am flow
Friday 7:30-8:30am stiff and sore 9-10:30am flow
Saturday(not all Sat.) 8:30-9:30am slow flow

Flow- All levels. Sun Salutations linked with standing and seated asanas. Vinyasa of flow means linking movement with breath.

Slow Flow- Sun Salutations, same as above, but slower.

Stiff and Sore- A level 1 class. Slow warm-up, gentle stretches moving large joints to increase range of motion. ... 

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Who’s doing a snow dance?


20º at 7:00am. Forecast high 29º.

Everyday the snow is different and the same.

As of 7am, the snow is hard and fast. Saturday and Sunday the temperature was 45º and 40º respectively. Which meant that after being ground up, the temperature softened the snow and the skiing was pretty darn good. Spring like.

Today is another story. Frozen up, not solid, like rain washed, but hard frozen granular. Ian will drive around and around and grind up and shave the frozen snow. No wax skis work great. If you have wax it will wear off. Skiing is fast. If you are new to the sport, snow shoeing would be the way to go. ... 

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Nice, loose frozen granular. A little spring skiing.

Skiing the Lower Blue Jay

Skiing the Lower Blue Jay

Skiing the Lower Blue Jay

Ian is going around and round again this morning.

Everyday the snow is different and the same. First, about yesterday. Ian ground the trails, again, fast and very skiable. Some people were on snow shoes, some people snow shoed and then skied and some people just skied. The temperature did go up, went to about 45º. The skiing was good, slower and fun.  ... 

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