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Yoga Schedule October 20th through November 10th (Schedule at the bottom)

Working on the new ski trail. This is going to be fun! Change is always good! Right! And this new trail is going to be great!

This week I had a few things happen that changed my plans. And my plans were great, checking things off the list so I can leave town. But sometimes you have to know when to surrender and when...   read more

Yoga Schedule October 13th through October 20th (Schedule at the bottom)

Fall Leaves

The leaf pile is big, there are lots of leaves out there. They aren’t all this drab. But the kids don’t seem to care about anything but the size of the pile. They all love a big pile. This pile has been around a while. So, it is wet on the bottom. So running through beats diving in. Last year bikes were ridden...   read more

Yoga Schedule October 6th through October 13th (Schedule at the bottom)

I love blue sky and colorful leaves. Fall is an amazing time of year. Hurrying to get ready for winter and at the same time enjoying the last few lazy summer days. The food is good! Fall veggies are great, and I love apples. Apples and cheese, apples and peanut butter, apple pie, apple sauce. The freezer filling up with...   read more

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