August 2018 archive

2018 Yoga Schedule August 13th through August 27th (Schedule at the bottom)

The bees gathering pollen to make us some honey.

Well, it is that time of year. Sunflowers!!! We still have a lot! Although, Chuck was in charge of early weeding and prided himself on how many sunflowers he weeded out. I was a little disappointed, but I do have to admit, the carrots and beets are large and delicious. There are so many cucumbers and zucchini. Holy smokes, zucchini muffins, bread, cake and zucchini and tomatoes.  ... 

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Yoga Schedule August 4th through August 11th (Schedule at the bottom)

These are yellow spotted salamanders and they live in the window well right by the door we use to go in and out of the house. They have always been there. When our kids were little there were always a few. Once 2 went to 3rd grade with Heather. They escaped their plastic ice cream container and were gone. Four months later the class erupted in laughter and Mrs. Stannard looked up to see them “racing” across the classroom floor. They were brought home that night and returned to the window well. Sometimes the little kids put toads and frogs into the window well also. The toads and frogs stay awhile, but these guys are always there. When we are in a dry spell they burrow down deep which is what they do in the winter too. But right now, with all the rain and warm temperatures and humidity. They are up on top of the ground, crawling around and even looking in the basement window. The picture above is the bunch of them, 14, after being lifted out by the 2 year old grandson.  ... 

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