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Saturday yoga, March 25th, 8 to 9am.

Our mission at Wild Wings Yoga is to make yoga available to all members of our community, and turn no one away.  If you cannot meet the class fee,  please talk to your teacher to discuss our donation-based class or a way to trade yoga for service.
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Tracy Black, RYTE 200
Tracy starting practicing yoga to manage back pain. While practicing Ashtanga with Jo Kirsch, the opportunity to teach presented itself and the journey began. Teaching since 2004, Ashtanga to vinyasa flow. Teacher trainings with Kathy McNames, and Tasha Judson. Under the influence of Seane Corn and Desiree Rambaugh her approach to teaching yoga combines a focus on alignment with the freedom and creativity of vinyasa flow.  She sees yoga as a path to self-discovery and hopes to provide a space and a practice that allows students to explore their own paths through breath awareness and mindfulness. Expect a moving class with an emphasis on breath work.

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