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"Can I buy water?"
We do not sell bottled water. We do have good water in a jug, and some cups. You are welcome to refill your own jug. Thanks for helping us keep the plastic bottles to a minimum.
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"Do you have a restroom?"
Speaking of water. We do not have indoor plumbing. We have an outhouse. It is a 2 seater and it does have electric heat. If Chuck is around the heat is on. It Tracy is around you usually use it faster. While your immediate reaction to this may be distain. Think about how much less water is consumed. At between 2 to 5 gallons per flush. Wow.
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"Can we ski with our dog?"
This is Wyatt and Ruby. While we love Ruby, and we know you love your dog too. We don't let dogs on the ski trails. Please leave them home, or know they will have to be in the car.

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