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A converted horse barn houses our rental shop and warming room. We have rentals to fit all sizes: skis 70 cm. to 210cm and boots from kids size 9 to adult size 15. We also rent snowshoes. Bring your younger children along and ski while they enjoy the ride behind you in a pulk sled. See trail map.
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Simple yet entertaining loops comprise our trail system. You won't need to check the map every few minutes. All of our trails are one way, ensuring you won't run into anybody and giving a sense of solitude, but you're never truly alone on the trails.
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Green Trails
The beginner trails at Wild Wings offer gently rolling terrain alongside forests, brooks, and beaver ponds.

Turkey: The Turkey is a 1.2km beginner trail. This trail is enjoyed by skiers of all abilities, from true beginners to expert racers.

Woodcock: A 2.0km trail crossing North Road, the Woodcock meanders through the forest, along Styles Brook, past an old beaver pond, and past an old sawmill's sawdust pile.

Snow Goose: A favorite of many, the Snow Goose (2.5km) begins off of Woodcock and offers great gently rolling terrain with the option of adding a good climb and fast descent with MacQuaig's Field. A good trail for a beginner looking to get farther out into the forest. Also a great double-pole loop.

Blue Trails
The intermediate trails have more hills than the beginner loops. You need to be confident in your ability to herringbone and snow plow to ski these trails.

Grouse: The Grouse is a short (1km) trail with a long steep climb followed by a long gradual downhill. A good trail to 'test the waters' of Blue and Black trails.

Chickadee: 'The all-time best trail ever' winds 6.5km through the forest with a great mix of climbing and descending. Gradual uphills with perfect grade for 'world cup striding.' Add Loon and Upper Blue Jay for the 'all-time best ski ever.'

Loon: An extension of the Chickadee adding 2km of dips and dives. Good views of Styles Peak. Goes directly through old beaver pond.

Goshawk: Test your fitness on the initial climb, it can seem endless but is still fun. Once on top, cruise for a while before a long cruise back down to the barn. 2km

Black Trails
The most difficult trails add even more and steeper hills. To ski these trails, you need to be able to herringbone, snowplow, and turn while descending.

Lower Bluejay: A 1.5km section that can be skied as a 2km loop. Begins behind the barn. Three steep climbs, a fun descent and three gradual uphill sections twist their way to the top of a 0.5km descent.

Middle Bluejay: Starting from the top of Lower Bluejay, the Middle section dips and dives and rolls up and down and around (it's really fun) and has some great gradual uphill sections. 3km

Upper Bluejay: A 2km loop beginning at Styles Junction (top of Middle Bluejay and right before Chickadee's final descent). A short climb followed by a great mix of gradual up and down will bring you to to highest point on the Wild Wings trails. A mellow but fun downhill back to Chickadee, where it climbs briefly before the final 1km downhill back to the barn.

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